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ईस मशीन से कमाए रोजाना 8000 से 10000 तक, small business in hindi, Business ideas in India

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ईस मशीन से कमाए रोजाना 8000 से 10000 तक, small business in hindi, Business ideas in India
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Channel: Sukhraj Machinery Co. Amritsar  

ईस मशीन से कमाए रोजाना 8000 से 10000 तक, small business in hindi, Business ideas in India




We are the Largest Manufacturers and Exporters of TYPES of Machines in India with Excellent Quality and Affordable Price. We are Exporting TYPES of Machines to more Than 45 Countries Across The Globe.

Our Machines are successfully working in Libya , Iran , Oman , Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, Poland , Turkey , UAE , Zanzibar , Mauritius , Mexico ,China ,Tunisia , Qatar , Philippines , Canada , Ukraine , Mauritania , Congo , Algeria , Pakistan , Thailand , Ethiopia Cameroon , Saudi Arabia and SOON WILL BE in GHANA and MOROCCO.

We are an authentic Types Of Machines manufacturer and exporter which is ideal for use in making Products and so on. We are continuously expanding our serving area to cover the globe.

We are known for timely and quality delivery of products with perfection and providing quality training for handling of machines. We do strive to build strong business relationships with our clients.

Sukhraj Machinery CO.
AN ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED Co.
53 & 52, old Indl. Focal Point (OLD), Mehta Road, Amritsar – 143001 (PUNJAB)

Notebook Making Machinery,
Wire Nail Making Machine,
Paper Bag Making Machine,
Edge Squaring Machine,
Note Book Back Squaring Machine,
Edge Squaring press,
Paper Cutting Machine,
Small Paper Cutting Machine
Three Side Trimmer Machine (Fully Automatic)
Three Knife Trimmer Machine (Fully Automatic)
Half Cut Sticker and Creasing Machine
Semi-Automatic Three side Trimmer Machine
Portable Paper Cutting Machine
Semi-Auto Paper Cutting Machine
Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine
Semi-Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Products
Paper Cutting Machine
Guillotine Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Manufacturers Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine in India
Paper Cutting Machine
Manufacturers Programmable Fully Automatic Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine,
Exercise Notebook Spine Flatten
Edge Squaring Press Hydraulic
Hydraulic Edge Squaring Machine,
Edge Squaring Machine,
Hydraulic Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine,
Programmable Hydraulic Fully Automatic Guillotine Machine, Hydraulic Edge Squaring Machine,
Die Punching & Creasing Machine,
The semi-automatic Paper cutting machine,
Hydraulic Nipping Machine,
Joint Forming Machine,
Hydraulic book pressing machine,
Lamination Machine,
Board Knurling Machine,
Thread Book Sewing machine,
Book Stitching Machine,
Box Stitching Machine,
3/5 Ply of Paper Corrugating Machinery Plant,
Hand Fed Die Punching Machine,
Paper Corrugated Box & Board Making Plant Machinery,
Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Platen Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Platen Die Cutting Creasing Machine
Die Cutting and Carton Punching Machine
Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine
Platen Die Cutting,
Creasing & Embossing Machine,
Two Profile Paper Corrugation Machine,
Oblique Type Paper Corrugating Machine,
Paper Roll Cutting Machine with PIV Gear Box,
Sheet Pasting Machine,
Sheet Pressing Machine,
4 Bar Rotary Cutting Machine,
Eccentric Slotter Machine.

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How To Start Latest Broiler Poultry Farming Business 2019 । Small Business Ideas From Home
Sun, 03 Feb 2019 06:22:06 +0000
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Channel: জীবন মানে যন্ত্রনা নয়।  

Ajker ami share korbo kivabe poultry farm business shuru videote ami share korechi Business start up, details about this project and a college boy how to start poultry farm business. Ai description ta Jodi keu valo kore pare tahole se anek kichu mulyoban information pabe.
Broiler or desi murgi farm holo akti demandable product. Bazare ar ja chahida ta actually puron hoy na. sei karone ar sell ar kono jhamela nei. Aktu jhukipurna business holeo ar profit prochur but sakoler kache ai information nei bole sabai ai business aste chay na. So this is no competitor business and it is a small business idea from home in india.
Ai business start korte hole je je jiniser proyojon ta niche deoa holo…
• Akti poultry upojogi ghar
• Kayekti food tank
• Kayekti water tank
• Kather guri
• Poultry bacha
• Poultry food
• Medicine
• Ak jon lok
Ghar ready haoyar pare puro gharer mejhete kather guri bichiye dite habe, ar par water tank and food tank gulo valo kore jayga moto jhuliye rakhte habe jate poultry khete pare. Arpar poultry bacha gulo oi ghare rekhe dite habe. Ar par valo kore poricharja korte habe(like food, water and medicine). Valo kore plan or design korte habe ai project ar.
After 32-35 days poultry ready hoye jay sell karar jonyo. Apni ata 2 vabe sell korte paren..
1. Apni nije market dhorte paren : - apni chaile nijer farm theke apnar local sell korte paren. Apnar local manus ase niye jete pare or je sakal dokandar bazaar –e meat sell kare taderke apni direct sell korteparen.
2. Apni starter der dite paren :- Jodi apni starter k den tahole apni besi facility paben coz maximum starter apnake poultry jato food lage sab supply kare but condition aktai apnar farm e jato product habe sab oderke dite habe. Karur Jodi amount kam thake tahole ata anek baro sujog caz sampurno food ora bakite apnake dey.
Uparer ai jekono akta method use korle income hote thakbe.
• Total knowledge chara ai business start kara akdom uchit noy.
• Medicine sab samay reserve rakhte habe.
• Food all time reserve rakhte habe.
• All time careful thakte habe.
• Shudhu forfeit ar katha vable habe na majhe majhe loss nite habe.
• Je kono business honesty chara samvab noy.


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लाखों कमाय,small business ideas,business ideas in India,new business 2019
Sun, 03 Feb 2019 05:38:53 +0000
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Channel: A1 Information  

हर गांव, शहर मे तेजी से बेचो लाखों कमाए small business ideas, business ideas

Hello friend ajj mai apko ek aisa business ki jankari is video me diya hon jisse aap her गांव, शहर me selling kar sakte hai or lakho paise kama sakte hai ye ek best earning business hai.

Seller contact number: +918329159669

Desclimer :
this is not a promotional or paid is only educational purposes . channel doesn't guarantee any income or profit form any crop or business idea.befor choosing any plans who told in channel videos please consult with any expert first because information providing carfully but may be possibility of mistake.

#A1information #smallbusinessideas #business

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Small Business management tips- Tamil, Viyabari Live- Part 3
Sat, 02 Feb 2019 16:28:00 +0000
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Channel: Viyabari  

Our Whatsapp No: 8807700177

Free Marketing ideas for small business Tamil part 1 videos

Our other Videos:
Small Business Ideas:

Digital Marketing Tips

Video length: 41:49
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Happy News sharing with you all//started small business//in Telugu
Sat, 02 Feb 2019 00:52:04 +0000
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Channel: My style corner

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Thank you

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2019 कि नई Machineधडा धड पैसा,Pasta making business idea in hindi,small business ideas,business
Fri, 01 Feb 2019 11:15:19 +0000
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Channel: A1 Information  

इस साल कि नई Machine धडा धड पैसा pasta making business idea in India in hindi

hello friend ajj mai apko ek business ki jankari dene wala hon ye product her ghar me fast food ke liye use hota hai Pasta, Microni, Noodles ye sab product ek hi Machine se bana sakte hai.

Machine seller details :
MD Mr Naved Ahmad
S.K.Engineers 102.GardenCity Colony opp.HDFC BANK Pawan_Vihar Colony Gate Near:Aakash_Tower Almadina Hospital University_Road

Customer care 24×7 - 04030160501--08081308899

Calling Timing 09 am To 06 pm



Machine ki jankari k lye
hame WhatsApp B karsakte hai

WhatsApp No.


Desclimer :
this is not a promotional or paid is only educational purposes . channel doesn't guarantee any income or profit form any crop or business idea.befor choosing any plans who told in channel videos please consult with any expert first because information providing carfully but may be possibility of mistake.

#pastamikngbusiness #smallbusinessideas

Thanks for watching... #A1information

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