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The picks from the 2017 NFL Draft that are causing the most controversy and creating the most buzz

The picks from the 2017 NFL Draft that are causing the most controversy and creating the most buzz
By Cork Gaines

Mitchell TrubiskyCharles Rex Arbogast/AP

The fireworks in the 2017 NFL Draft started early when the Chicago Bears surprised everybody by trading up one spot to select North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

That turned out to be just the first big twist in a draft that was filled with surprising picks, big reaches, and players falling because of off-the-field issues.

Below we take a look at 14 picks that are creating the most buzz now that the draft is over.

Mitchell Trubisky, QB — Chicago Bears (first round, No. 2 overall)

Matt Rourke/AP

Pros: If Trubisky turns into a franchise quarterback, there is no price that is too high. The Bears gave up three draft picks to move up from No. 3 to No. 2 to make sure they got their guy. Peter King of The MMQB noted that there is, in essence, a different scale for quarterbacks. There is a draft for the quarterbacks and there is a draft for everybody else. The Bears got the top quarterback in this draft.

Cons: The Bears may have been duped into giving up a lot to trade up for a player who may have still been there at No. 3. Those three extra picks they gave up to move up — 2017 third and fourth rounders and a 2018 third-round pick — are the equivalent of giving up a mid-first-round pick to move one spot. And they gave up those picks for a player who was graded more like a late-first-round quarterback than the more typical top-of-the-draft quarterback. On top of that, the Bears had just seemingly given the reigns to free agent quarterback Mike Glennon, and seemingly outbid themselves to do it.

Telling quote"I'm going to be the first one to put my hand up and say I obviously did not see that coming. I really thought that Chicago was excited about Mike Glennon. So they paid him pretty well and then to move up and give up that draft capital for Trubisky, for me, is a big risk." – Mike Mayock

Corey Davis, WR — Tennessee Titans (first round, No. 5 overall)

Mark Humphrey/AP

Pros: The Titans got another weapon for Marcus Mariota and they got a guy who does nothing except produce. He is a small-conference wide receiver, but he was looked at as a "man among boys," catching 97 passes and 19 touchdowns as a senior and being named the Mid-American Conference Offensive Player of the Year.

Cons: Davis was a first-round talent and the Titans needed a wide receiver. But considering he suffered an ankle injury that kept teams from being able to work him out, most felt Davis would still be on the board when the Titans second first-round pick came at No. 18. By taking Davis early, the Titans were late with their other big need, defensive back. Instead of getting the first defensive back off the board at No. 5 and possibly getting Davis at No. 18, they got the fifth defensive back and the third cornerback overall, in Adoree' Jackson.

Telling quote"He wasn't even able to work out since his college season. Had an ankle injury. So the NFL just pulled the trigger on a receiver from the MAC that they weren't even able to work out." — Mike Mayock of the NFL Network

Patrick Mahomes II, QB — Kansas City Chiefs (first round, No. 10 overall)

NFL Network

Pros: The Chiefs gave up a 2018 first-round pick and a third-round pick this year (No. 91 overall) to move up 17 spots to No. 10 to get the second quarterback off the board. The Chiefs still have a dependable veteran quarterback on the roster in Alex Smith. But that also gives the Chiefs a good mentor for Mahomes and a chance to let him sit, watch, and grow for a couple of years and hope they can turn him into the next Aaron Rodgers.

Cons: The 2018 first-round pick isn't as costly as it sounds on the surface since the Chiefs should be a playoff contender this season. But moving up 17 spots is a big jump for a quarterback that many felt was a second-rounder just a few weeks ago. On top of that, Mahomes is a gunslinger who now needs to be molded into a West Coast-offense QB that more typically takes the short and safe options.

Telling quote: "He is extremely raw but has undeniable arm talent." — Mel Kiper Jr. of

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