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The best iPhone battery case for every type of person

The best iPhone battery case for every type of person
By Brandt Ranj

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AnkerFew parts of modern life are as inconvenient as having your phone die. 

Whether you need directions, the answer to a question, or to get in contact with someone, a dead phone won't help.

I recommend people get an external battery, but if you'd prefer an extra power source you'll always have on you, it's a good idea to use a battery case. 

The three options below vary in style, physical size, and price, but one of them should suit your preferences and priorities perfectly.

For the person who wants options


Unlike the other options on this list, you don't need to keep your phone in Anker's case to charge it. 

Because the case connects to the phone via a built-in lightning cable, you could also use it as an external battery for other Apple devices. This flexibility gives it the distinction of being both a battery case and external battery pack. 

Anker PowerCore Case for iPhone 7, $51.99, available at Amazon

For the person who wants the most features


Because it makes both the phone and case, Apple's option is better integrated with the iPhone than either of the other options.

For instance, when you plug a lightning cable in to charge your phone, it'll start charging this case once your phone's battery is full. You can also check the Smart Battery Case's battery level from the iPhone's lock screen. 

If extra little touches like those appeal to you, this is the only case that has them.

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7, $84.99, available at Amazon

For the person who wants wireless charging

Instagram / @mophie

If you're trying to cut down on the amount of wires in your life, mophie's juice pack is your best battery case option. 

It's relatively bulky, but in my experience the battery gains were worth that trade off. Mophie's wireless cases work in part of a greater ecosystem of products, including a charging base you'll need to buy separately.

It requires the largest investment, but mophie's case will significantly improve your phone's battery life while helping to declutter your desk.

mophie juice pack wireless for iPhone 7, $75, available at Amazon

mophie juice pack wireless for iPhone 7 Plus, $75, available at Amazon

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