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The 8 best IT jobs for new college grads and other tips on landing a job in tech

The 8 best IT jobs for new college grads and other tips on landing a job in tech
By Julie Bort

MIT GraduationMassachusetts Institute of Technology/Facebook

The brutal job interview processes at great tech companies like Google and Facebook are legendary.

So, if you are a new college grad, it may comfort you to know that landing a great job in tech, and negotiating a salary, might be easier than you think.

IT consultant and IT staffing provider TEKsystems surveyed 250 hiring managers across the US. These are people who hire college grads for tech jobs.

They offered feedback on everything from what types of things in your background to emphasis (it's not necessarily your GPA) and which job titles to pursue.

It turns out that your GPA isn't nearly as important for your first job out of school as you might think, the 250 hiring managers who participated in this survey say.

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86% of them say the most important thing is your work experience and internships. So be sure to play those items up in your resume.

20th Century Fox

Here are some tips on how college grads can do a resume when they don't have much work experience.

The next most important thing is your referrals and references. 50% of hiring managers say that having top-notch references is either the most important or second-most important thing in landing a job.


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